"Leave a lasting impression with our premium stand construction services. Discover how we blend creativity, quality, and expertise to elevate your events."

Do you want a unique exhibition booth where visitors can experience the product and culture of your company? Making Events is happy to think along with you.

You can hire us for advice, but you can also hand over the entire project to us – and we will even arrange hotel rooms for you.

It’s up to you!

This is how we work.

1. Coffee
Everything starts with getting to know each other… and coffee! During the first meeting, Nathalie asks you many questions, including: Which tradefair? What is your goal? What is the surface area of your booth? What is your budget?

2. Briefing
She takes all your input to Tim. With all his vast booth construction experience, Tim knows better than anyone which type of stand is most suitable. Together they provide the briefing to our designers.

3. Design
Marcel and Lesley are our two creative technical geniuses. Each with their own style. They both focus on the perfect design of your stand. Let us surprise you!

4. Quotation
Is the design to your liking? Then Nathalie will prepare a quote. One that fits within your budget. Equipped with all the parts and attributes. No strings attached.

5. Planning
Then the real work begins: who will do what and when? Luckily we have Tessa. Our Tes is a crazy genius when it comes to planning logistical matters.


6. Project management
Requesting electricity, water, suspension points, furniture, catering; Tamara leaves nothing to chance. This project manager thinks of everything. Yes, even all those mandatory formalities!


7. Technical drawing
Lesley – the only woman in our workshop – takes care of the technical drawing of the booth. This ensures that everything is ready for production.

8. Production
Lesley and Prins bring the technical drawings to life in our own workshop. These two top performers have passion and enthusiasm!

9. Construction
Then our (handy) Harry will set up your stand on location in no time. With his permanent installation team, including Prins, he has everything in-house; from carpenters to electricians

10. Trade show
During the show, Tamara regularly checks whether everything is as desired. If so, we’ll celebrate. If not, we will be on site as quickly as possible to solve a problem or improve the booth.

11. Disassembly
At the end of the show you go home; to recover from these intense days. Harry and Prince are then ready for dismantling. We pack everything carefully away and take it into storage for you.

12. Evaluation
A week after the trade show, Nathalie will call you for a short evaluation. Has your goal been achieved? Was everything to your liking? What would you like differently next time? This is how we continue to develop our relationship.


You want to shine at the tradefair with your company, because you have a goal. That goal is your focus!


We ensure that you have the most beautiful stand at the trade fair and take care of you from A to Z during the show.


Together is more fun. And together we can do more! Together we work on your trade fair goals.

“Where Vision Becomes Reality: Elevate Your Events with Our Stand Designs!"