Tim Kingma | Owner | Booth building specialist

With his vast knowledge and experience in the field of booth construction, Tim is the perfect source of information for the entire Making Events team. It is therefore no surprise that he is involved in every process.

Harry Meijerink | Owner | Booth production manager

Harry – also known as ‘handy Harry’ – is our production manager who manages the construction team on location during the assembly and dismantling of booths.


How it all started!

Tim Kingma is the founder of Making Events. Booth building was introduced to him from an early age. At the age of five, he was already going to trade fairs with his father – who had a booth construction company. Over the past 25 years, Tim has worked for various booth construction companies. Until it started happening in 2022: he wanted to start his own business. Harry Meijerink – at that time still a self-employed electrician – provided the final push. They embarked on the adventure together and with success! Both of their partners (Nathalie and Tamara) are now also part of the Making Events team. “We’ve only been working for two years and its going fantastically!!”

And now...

60 stands in 2 years, 12 different countries, 6 people employed.

Nathalie Kingma | Sales Account Manager

You guessed it; Tim’s wife. Nathalie listens carefully to your wishes and makes them come true. Due to her experience in the travel industry, she has a lot of international trade fair knowledge.

Tamara Meijerink | Project Manager

Also the wife of; but in this case Harry. This enthusiastic all-rounder takes care of customer project management, down to the last detail. She is also the proud mother of three.

Tessa Betonviel | Office Manager

Correct planning is inextricably linked to a successful stand. Tessa is our hero when it comes to planning, administration and accounting. Long live the Tes!

Lesley Velberg | Technical designer

Lesley designs, draws and builds booths. She also designs and makes furniture, specifically for booths. She is young and extremely passionate!

Prins Kingma | Booth builder and installations

Prins is Tim’s younger brother and a big fan of booth construction. Always busy constructing something,  you can either find Prins in the workshop or on location, setting up a booth.

Marcel Donk | 3D Graphic Designer

An expert in his profession, Marcel is a seasoned 3D graphical designer. With years of booth building experience, he is our beacon of calmness during hectic times. At the tradefair he will provide the finishing touch to your stand.

Assembly team

At the trade fair we work with a permanent team of technicians who we hire on a freelance basis. They are all experts and each indispensable in the construction and dismantling of your unique booth.

"Experience the art of stand construction with our team of skilled craftsmen. Elevate your brand’s presence with our tailored solutions."